Take Control of Your Finances with a Debt Solution

When you are in a financial crisis and wish to take control of your finances your first step should be to talk to Debt Solution specialist. If you own equity in a property then you may be able to consolidate these debts into a new mortgage. If you do not own a property there are personal loans as they are designed typically for quick approval and repayment without putting up a security. The repayment conditions are structured affordably and the term ranges from few months to a year.

What if I have bad credit?

Short term bad credit loans in Australia can be obtained by applying online. However, the lenders will offer the finance only if you are eligible for it. A few basic requirements have to be met in order to be eligible. Firstly, you have to be no less than 18 years old and be an Australian resident. You should be gainfully employed and should possess a local bank account so that the funds can be transferred to it. This is the initial criteria for eligibility. Short term loans can vary from one creditor to the other; typically it can range from small amounts of $500 to about $5000. Clients with bad and good credit history can get the funds. Since, the loan is approved quickly, the process is simple; you only have to submit an online application and receive an instant conditional approval. If it is approved, the necessary identification as well as supporting documents should be submitted. Normally, funds are transferred to your bank account within a day.

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Find a good debt negotiator who will do everything in his capacity to negotiate the debt and draw up the legal agreement. It is a legally binding agreement between your creditors and you. By this your creditor will agree to accept an amount over a fixed time period of about 3 to 4 years or agree on full debt settlement. Once it is accepted and signed, you are protected legally from your creditor. Moreover, there is also no accumulation of interest on your unsecured loans. This is considered the ideal alternative to insolvency. It will allow you to handle all your debts consistently and on schedule. In Australia, debt negotiators are competitive and work hard to get the agreement enforced quickly.

Commitments of Part IX

If you have agreed on the terms of the Part IX debt agreement, you will be protected legally. You need not worry about threatening calls from your creditors anymore. You can now start saving money and move on systematically as you are freed from all unsecured debts. However, you should be committed to make regular repayments of any other secured debts.

Although, you will be listed in the Australian Insolvency Index and your credit history is affected for 7 years, you can have peace of mind and be at ease. There are several other benefits of the agreement; all charges and interest on unsecured debts are frozen. You can start anew and the disgrace of bankruptcy is avoided. If you have secured assets and make repayments on this loan, the asset is safe. It benefits the debtor more than the creditor.